Raptors Senior Basketball

   We are a group of friendly people who  play basketball regularly. The club caters for both competitive and social players and we have achieved this by running separate sessions for competitive and social players. We have had players as young as 15 and as experienced as 75!  So do not hesitate to try one of our sessions as   the Raptors senior basketball club is open to players of all ages and abilities. 

Where Do We Play?

Training sessions are held every Sunday and Thursday at Cambourne Village College, Sheepfold Lane, Cambourne, Cambs, CB23 6FR.

When Do We Train?

Scrimmage Sessions -  From 12th of August 2018, every Sunday  from 6pm to 8pm are open scrimmage sessions played full court depending on the turn out.


Team Training Sessions - From September 2018, every Thursday  from 7:30pm to 9:30pm are coached sessions for players who are intending to play competitive basketball in the Cambs League. In 2018/19 season, Raptors has entered a team in division 2.

The team training sessions continue until the end of May  2019, Thursday sessions are for the team players exclusively.  Home matches  will be on Sundays though.

How Much Does It Cost?


1) Club Joining Fee - £25

All members are expected to pay the joining fee.

2) Scrimmage subs - £5 per session

These sessions are suitable for those members who are not interested in competitive basketball and he or she would like to play socially. Sunday sessions will be for this purpose and we will look into adding more sessions if there is demand. League home matches will have priority to the scrimmage sessions. Only 6 home matches are expected during the season.

3) Training only subs - £200 for the entire season

The fees will cover the cost of training sessions on Thursdays for 9 months between 7:30 to 9:30pm. The sessions are from the 6th of September to the 30th of May 2019.

You would choose this category if you are interested in keeping fit and improving your skills. However, you are not interested in the league matches or you are not ready to play in a competitive match. You can still opt for friendly matches by paying an additional match fee.

If you also attend scrimmage sessions on Sundays, you will be charged an additional £5 per session.

4) Training and League matches subs - £300 for the entire season

The fees will cover the cost of training sessions on Thursdays for 9 months from 7:30 to 9:30pm and it will also include the cost of the Cambs League matches.

You will choose this category if you are interested in the competitive league matches. The Cambs league is played at a very high standard and it is recommended that you speak to the coach before committing to this category. The players that choose this category are expected to be available to play all of the league matches. If the coach feels that you are not ready for the league matches, she will not recommend  you to apply for this category.

If the player wants to play additional friendly matches, he will have to pay a match fee.

If the member attends scrimmage sessions on Sundays, he will be charged an additional £5 per session.

5) Friendly Match fees  - TBD

Match fees are only applicable for the friendly matches. A maximum of 8 players will be taken to a friendly match.

Payment schedules:

The club is running free Sunday sessions during the 12th , 19th and 26th of August. We are expecting that you will be able to decide which category suits your needs by attending one of these free sessions. If you decide to join Raptors the payment schedules are as follows:

1)  Joining fees - £25

As soon as you have decided to join Raptors

2) Training-only players - Total of £200

You can choose to pay in  two quarterly instalments: 

  £100 by the 5th of September 2018

£100 by the 15th of December 2019

3) Cambs League players - Total of £300

You can choose to pay in three quarterly instalments:

£100 by the 5th of September 2018

£100 by the 1st of December 2018

£100 by the 1st of March 2019

4) Friendly Match fees and Scrimmage subs.

We will request the payment the following month after attendance. For example, if you have attended two Sunday sessions in September, you will receive an email to pay £10 in October.

How To Pay?

The club preferred method of payment is online via PaySubsOnLine account. We do not accept cash. Team players can also pay either by a bank transfer or cheque.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We are in need of local businesses to help us grow and expand as a club and organisation. We have a variety of options for anyone willing to sponsor us and can provide information on how we can both mutually benefit from this opportunity.

Sponsoring local sports teams such as ours can bring your business a variety of advantages including: increased awareness, positive advertising, building a reputation for your business including a show of goodwill.

If you're interesting in getting involved please feel free to message us, or contact us via email at

Women Monday Sessions

The club has the opportunity to hire the sports hall on Monday evenings after 8pm. If you are interested, please drop an email to to register your interest.


Raptors 2018/19 Fixtures - Cambs League Division 2

To be announced




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